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Alexandre Trudeau-Dion

Alexandre Trudeau-Dion

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I strive to capture engaging photos that communicate the current state of affairs to a wide audience, and that tell a story and convey emotion. I am proud of my work and achievements. I am a self-taught photographer who started as a hobby. It all started when I got Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer at the age of 18. At that time I had a lot of time on my hands and my dad decided to get me a camera. It was a Pentax MZ-50 and I loved it. I started to learn photography by reading books, magazine and looking at other artist work on the Internet. Looking for what I liked in my pictures and photographer that I admire. I would ask and try to figure out how they took the picture and what was the technique and setup involved for it. In life they are many things that we do not see, but I keep my eyes open and try to see them. I try to see what motive the spirit of human kind. I try to capture happiness, sadness, love, hate, nature, texture, colors, life, death, respect and disrespect. There’s no trick, only different views and interpretation. I am an image hunter guided by instincts and emotions. I do not close my eyes with blinkers but open them to see everything surrounding me. All subjects are interesting: a flower, an emotion, a sunset, a night seen and life in general. I am a perfectionist, romantic, emotional (I do not like to show but I am) stubborn, proud and some time a clown. Knowing this and working with those aspects of me push me to always try to achieve and capture the perfect shot. I will try to show you I saw, so that you may fell what I felt and motivated me to press the shutter. At the end I hope that you will enjoy my art that I will show you through my pictures. At the end I will like to thank my family and my friends.
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