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Doug Solis

Doug Solis

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What can I say about photography? How about, I love it! Part of the lure for me is getting out into nature, I’m a Landscape photographer, almost exclusively and I so look forward to hooking up with a buddy or two and taking off to who knows where. About 5 years ago when I had just picked up my first camera I had the great fortune of taking a workshop from Marc Adamus. I didn’t realize how much I had learned until I was home and reflected on my trip. Simple but powerful concepts, like taking a wide-angle lens and getting on top of your subject and I mean close….dramatic results. I remember him saying “I’ll show you how I shoot water scenes” he then walked out about knew deep in the ocean ( I could have sworn he was walking on top of the water at one point) but anyway, another simple concept that yield amazing results. Some of the other great photographers whom I have learned so much from and I am eternally grateful to: Kevin McNeal, Adrian Klein, Andy Cook, Ian Plant and of course many of you. I guess I’ve named dropped enough, anyway I hope to visit many of your sites in the coming months and be both amazed and inspired.
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