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Andrew MacGregor

I like craftsmanship. So I shoot film.

I develop most of my own stuff at home. The ritual of changing bag, tank, rinse, develop, stop, fix, wash and dry contains more significance than downloading, pointing, and clicking ever will. And the joy of discovery when it comes out never goes away.

So I smell like ammonium thiosulfate often. Everything has a down side.

I participate in shows when I can. I suppose I could do more, but I like to pursue what I love, even if it isn’t popular.

I prefer to shoot women. The only explanation I have is that women are beautiful. They are not beautiful when or if or because. They just are beautiful. And that will never change if they are 20, or 40, or 70.

I prefer to see what others ignore because it is too mundane or to great a non sequitur. The world is full of fantastic things that way.

I prefer the odd, the missed, and the remote.

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