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Sunsets in Nijmegen (the Netherlands)

Published April 3rd, 2012

This is my first photo story. I am always more "talkative" than it is necessary under/next to my pictures, so I am now giving a try to upgrade my 500px account with the story of Sunsets in Nijmegen. Nijmegen is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, it was bombed "by mistake" in the WW2, therefore almost completely destroyed. This is the reason why I am going to publish now some really cheesy sunsets, instead of the city. After visiting and staying at many many cities all over Europe with beautiful, dark, disorganized city centres built in the middle ages, I was a bit disenchanted by Nijmegen. Very modern, very cold architecture, but nothing comparable to Berlin (which was still acceptable for me), or so.

I am studying the photographical technique of André Kertész at the moment, and he was a big master of shooting from his apartments' windows. I did not know this that time, but I quite like to shoot from my window even now. So I am very pleased to provide you these few pictures from Nijmegen, the few very bright, colourful and warm moments before the Sun disappears.

As a bonus, I attach also two remaining pictures from the very same city. I just like them, treat it really as a bonus.

Special Request: please, provide me some feedback, if you like my work, any of them, even one, just write me a line, I would love to hear/read your idea! Many thanks in advance!



Reminds me safari, don't know why :)


Blood on Sky

I really like this picture, it was very spectaculous in reality as well!


Dense Air

One of my favourite pictures, believe me or not, it was really there like this.



Cheesy :P


Still working

Yes, somebody was still working there, the lamps were on, imagine what view had he/she from that building :)


Three Bicycles

Was just playing with the idea, this is the result. Love it or condemn it ...


Complicated Tree

Loved this tree.

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