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Doina-Domenica Cojocaru

Doina-Domenica Cojocaru



Unlike most girls of her age, Doina used to spend hours playing with her camera. Her first pictures would highlight the beauties of nature, in particular flowers or animals.At the age of 14, Doina had already shot remarkable photos which cought the attention of her art teacher who encouraged her to expand her knowledge regarding the secrets of photography. Growing up, she transformed those spontanious pictures into projections of her inner concerns, thoughts and ideas by shooting portrait and self-portraits. Merely two years later, Doina's photographs astonished the visitor's of a local school's photo display where she took place. That event boosted her self-confidence leading her to enroll into one of her school's side projects related with photography and videography foundamentals. She also got accepted in the Kapodistrian University's photography seminars which she describes as a life changing experience. Later, at the University's photo exposition, her photograph was voted as one of the expo's best, receiving positive comments from critics all around europe. As her knowledge expanded so did her reputation over the internet where her pictures drew people's attention, some of them being professional photographers with whom she would share photo concepts or even photography tips. In February 2012 the greek magazine ''Φωτογράφος'' (Photographos)hosted a contest on their official facebook page regarding self-portrait pictures and the most voted stills would be published in the following issue. Doina couldn't resist participating and almost a month later her photograph got issued after recieving nearly 2.000 votes from photographers worldwide. Doina is now a free-lance photographer, shooting portraits on demand.Nevertheless, besides her tight schedule, she always finds time to explore the intriguing world of photography or broaden her artistic horizons. At the age of 18, it is safe to say that her full potential has yet to be unlocked, and once it does, great things could be expected from her.
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