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donald Goldney

donald Goldney

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PHOTOGRAPHY IS ABOUT FUN AND ENJOYMENT, THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN AN EARLY START TO A DESTINATION, WHERE THE PHOTO GODS ALIGN FOR YOU. MY JOURNEY HAS TAKEN ME TO THE MOST REMOTE PLACES IN AUSTRALIA, THE UK AND ASIA. MY HERO IS ANSEL ADAMS, A MAN OF VISION AND ORIGINAL THOUGHT.VERY RARE ESPECIALLY IN THE MODERN WORLD OF COPY CATS AND CHEATS. DEATH TO THE NO VOTE BUTTON,IT IS USED BY INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE NOT INTERESTED IN PHOTOGRAPHY, BUT INTERESTED IN THERE OWN SELF ADVANCEMENT I HAVE JUST DONE AN EXPERIMENT ON THIS WEB SITE . I have never really worried about 500px and how it works, until yesterday when i decided to do an experiment.!!!!! I decided to see if another member on here was right about how to get to the top page on a regular basis????and how easy the top page is manipulated. So i posted a photo and got to work, I headed strait into the fresh section and started to v+f photos that i was impressed with, id do this 20 or so times and i guess theres nothing wrong with praise where it due, for a fine work. Within 20 minutes or so i was at 95 points and onto page one, where i was going to leave the shot to fend for its self. Hey presto and as expected,(as i was told it would happen) as soon as i was on page one, i got a no vote, which sent me tumbling from page one to page three. Now why would some one no vote me?????? Well maybe because i was a threat to there position on the top page????.I really hoped this would not happen, but as my friend had predicted, It did and that person was right. So what does this prove? I don't know but maybe its just to easy to manipulate the web site.and the top page???? True photographers will not worry to much about it i guess, and if there are manipulators then they are just not real photographers. MY 2 bobs worth cheers don goldney photographer and scientist
  • NikonD700, Gaoersi 617Panorama(linhof copy from china)
  • Nikon D800 D810
  • AF-S16-35mm Nikkor, AF-D nikkor 24-70 f2.8, 50mm F1.4D Niikor80-200 F2.8
  • mac book pro 15" Imac 24ins aperture 3. CS6,
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