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A  new redesigned Costa Rica Adventure, with   serious value for your hard earned Dollars.

Part1 of the Essence Of Costa Rica Tour May 29t...

Published October 24th, 2013

We are very excited to offer another "Off The Hook Experience" .......Costa Rica Photography PhotoTour/Workshop 2014

May 29th thru June 6th 2014 . Together Juan Carlos, and Don will teach multi flash setups for hummingbirds , fill flash, macro, landscape, and techniques used to capture stunning avian/wildlife images. This tour is an all inclusive tour... meals, transportation, instruction,and guiding are included in the cost . See the E-Flyer below for an example schedule of daily activities. I can be reached at 561-212-7358 or , or Juan Carlos at (506)88461695 ; email

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Part 2 of the Flyer

Part 2 of the Essence Of Costa Rica Tour May ...

Published October 24th, 2013

Offering a totally new, redesigned photography tour. Lots of photo opportunities for your hard-earned dollar!

See part 2 of this E-Flyer!

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Costa Rica WorkShop/PhotoTour May 2014

Published October 23rd, 2013

Costa Rica Tropical Photography Tour MAY 29, 2014 thru June 4, 2014 (7 nights and 8 days!)

(Meals included where indicated B-L-D)

The Essence of Costa Rica

Day 1/ (Thursday /May 29th) Airport arrival to Costa Rica/Caribbean Lowlands

After your arrival in San Jose, Costa Rica we will drive to the Caribbean lowlands of Costa Rica where our first lodge is located. We are planning on getting there before dark so you can get acquainted with the area. That evening, after dinner Don and Juan will review the itinerary and address your questions so that you will maximize your photo opportunities. D

Day 2/ (Friday/May 30th) Caribbean Lowlands

At sunrise we begin our adventures to take pictures of tanagers, aracaris and oropendolas. We will return to the lodge for breakfast. After breakfast we will search for black-and-green and blue-jeans poison frogs at the lodge gardens. Don and Juan will show you teach how you can best photograph these amazing creatures in a natural-looking setting. ...

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Costa Rica PhotoTour 2014

Published March 11th, 2013

Going back again this year, and taking some folks with me.. Costa Rica's eco-diveristy is off the hook, and this will be a trip to remember; both between your ears, and with your images...!! My partner, and naturalist tour guide, Mr, Juan Carlos Vindas, will enhance our tour with his local knowledge, and current intell on our subjects. I've had the pleasure of working with Juan for over two yrs now..He's A Terrific Naturalist, and photographer with vast connections thru out Costa Rica. So pack your bags, grab as many CF cards as possible, and join team Hamilton/Vindas for Costa Rica Photo Tour 2014,.Jan 8th Wednesday Thru Saturday Jan. 18th 2014!

See the schedule, details and some images here, as well as

Costa Rica Photo Tour 2014 Jan 8th thru Jan 18th 2014 (11 days, and 10 nights)

(Meals included where indicated B-L-D)

Day 1/ (Wednesday 8th Jan) Arrival at San José. We drive to the northern plains where a unique rain fo ...

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Homeward bound!!

Published August 27th, 2012


Wonderful adventure is over and I'm on my way back's been the most awesome trip ever for me! Time to

Get back home to my wife, and two dogs! In Seattle now and arriving in Dallas

this am @ 530am! Then final connection to fort lauderdale hopefully the storm has moved on , and fll is open again! Excited to get some images up and see them on my big screen! I,m just blown away by the the Alaskan giant bears, and their behavior. Had the privilege of photographing 12 or more sows, one boar, and three spring cubs 2012 brew, and some crazy sisters that are 2 to 3 year old cubs! All are different and have different personalities etc. I'm home tomorrow and working Tuesday, and then off to Memphis to photograph and judge clover creek aerodromes aerobatic completion! So, good news and bad, images will be up next week, on Monday! Hope everyone

Has a great labor day, and Thks for allof your messages, and well wishes!! I really look forward to sharing a series on the ...

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DAY 2 FREAKING OVER THE TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Published August 22nd, 2012

Hey there, sorry for the downtime, email,and cell are spoty at best, but who gives a rip!!! Friends, the Alaska Homestead Lodge, is the best trip i've ever taken on my life!! "Can't Touch this"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Day 1 started with a flight from anchorage with regal air, this flight was suppose to be 90 mins, took 4 hrs, as we tried to fly here, with three landings in the process, due to fog, rain, and less than a mile visiblity. so we had to fly ahead a bit, wait for an opening, Scud running, and, hoping beach to beach for landings, and waiting fog to clear. A serious adventure for sure, we finally made it in, and were the only plane to make it in for the day on sunday. Arrived, in rain, and fog, but made it here safely, and sat down to a killer Lunch. The AHLodge, spares no mercy on it's guests!! The meals, are multiple course, including breakfasts! Got to shoot some bear action that pm in the rain, and fog, and low light, too witness charging bears after salmon, and just the best ...

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Lake Clark 1st Day

Published August 19th, 2012

well, I made it to anchorage finally after a day of American airlines cluster ++=*^%}%,!,!! man what a bunch of crap, anyway ,on to better and bigger things! Yesterday started With a tour With my new friend and expert birder mr. Aaron Bowman, we had a blast traveling to potters marsh, and all the way down to swears!,! Amazing views on the most Scenic highway, saw dall sheep on sheer cliffs that were very high

above us, almost straight up, saw Sandhills cranes, giant freaking gulls, and finally nailed some king fisher images!,found and saw my first trumpeter swamps... Boy talk about large boys and girls!! Off to regal air to fly into lake Clark this am!! Let the bear games begin!! Raining and quite Cold for this Florida boy!!! Alaska Rocks Folks...already cooking up another trip.... Send money mom and dad!!!!! Linda my wife luv ya, but honey a mans got to do what hes got to do.. and thats to hear the shuttering on my canon singing... and me smiling like a kid ear to ear!!u

Lat ...

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Lake Clark National Park 2012

Published August 4th, 2012

Well gang it's almost time to depart for summer photo trip 2012! Needless to say; i'm pumped with preparing for a wonderful time, especially seeing my first Coastal Brown Bears! My destination is the Alaska Homestead Lodge,, located in the pristine Lake Clark National park interior. Unlike some other famous Alaska Bear viewing destinations, here we use no platforms, or boats to get close. Hiking, and Atv's are used to get to some remote areas, for viewing,photography, and observing undisturbed natural behavior of Alaska's coastal brown bears, and the natural fauna.

So to start, a few disclaimers: This is my first Photo-Trip blog/story! Secondly, i'll suggest, and share what i discover as this trip develops, and hopefully this blog will highlight the location, the lodge, and Alaska's beautiful Wilderness!. Lastly, your mileage may vary as i'll outline the equipment, both photography gear, and clothing that is required for a trip like this.

Perhaps t ...

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