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Lake Clark 1st Day

Published August 19th, 2012

well, I made it to anchorage finally after a day of American airlines cluster ++=*^%}%,!,!! man what a bunch of crap, anyway ,on to better and bigger things! Yesterday started With a tour With my new friend and expert birder mr. Aaron Bowman, we had a blast traveling to potters marsh, and all the way down to swears!,! Amazing views on the most Scenic highway, saw dall sheep on sheer cliffs that were very high

above us, almost straight up, saw Sandhills cranes, giant freaking gulls, and finally nailed some king fisher images!,found and saw my first trumpeter swamps... Boy talk about large boys and girls!! Off to regal air to fly into lake Clark this am!! Let the bear games begin!! Raining and quite Cold for this Florida boy!!! Alaska Rocks Folks...already cooking up another trip.... Send money mom and dad!!!!! Linda my wife luv ya, but honey a mans got to do what hes got to do.. and thats to hear the shuttering on my canon singing... and me smiling like a kid ear to ear!!u

Later all, hopefully with a few pics


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Christie King  over 5 years ago

Great to hear you made it and you're seeing some action. I'm with Josh on this one... send bears our way! Man, what an awesome rock and roll adventure! Go ahead and smile and giggle like a school girl! Enjoy Buddy, You only live once so soak it in big time!

Joshua Clark  almost 6 years ago

Glad to hear you made it ok out there Don. Sounds like air travel was an adventure as it always is. Look forward to seeing some of your images and hearing more about your trip! As for me, got wind of Northern Gannet colony down by Fort de Soto so I shot down there for a weekend for some awesome closeups! Errr....ok maybe not! Had to try and freak you out for a brief second. Not much going on up here in Ohio. Send some bears our way!