DAY 2 FREAKING OVER THE TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Published August 22nd, 2012

Hey there, sorry for the downtime, email,and cell are spoty at best, but who gives a rip!!! Friends, the Alaska Homestead Lodge, is the best trip i've ever taken on my life!! "Can't Touch this"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Day 1 started with a flight from anchorage with regal air, this flight was suppose to be 90 mins, took 4 hrs, as we tried to fly here, with three landings in the process, due to fog, rain, and less than a mile visiblity. so we had to fly ahead a bit, wait for an opening, Scud running, and, hoping beach to beach for landings, and waiting fog to clear. A serious adventure for sure, we finally made it in, and were the only plane to make it in for the day on sunday. Arrived, in rain, and fog, but made it here safely, and sat down to a killer Lunch. The AHLodge, spares no mercy on it's guests!! The meals, are multiple course, including breakfasts! Got to shoot some bear action that pm in the rain, and fog, and low light, too witness charging bears after salmon, and just the best bear action you can imagine!!!
Monday we awoke to clear skies, with diffuse light... GAME ON!!!!!!!!!!!! And boy it was, sow, with three cubs, up close and personal behavior shots, bears fishing, etc...
I'm blown away by the action, and the sights... i truly couldn't ask for better weather so far, and the bears are freaking breath taking!!!
Sorry no images, as we can't upload as, the email just can't handle it... Stay tuned... as i'll keep ya in the loop, now that we have email again!! Today we're able to nail, the bears charging after fishing, and vertical bears, reared up, looking for fish!! Also, had the chance to fill 300mm, 70mm shots of bears claming, and fishing on the beach!! Got to go, and share bandwidth!! I'm patiently waiting to nail, the salmon in mouth capture, and have the right angel..... finally, i've never seen bears that are like cows, these guys eat grass from sun up, till sun down!! Crazy, but real, seems they like grass better than salmon!! Amazing how much work they spend on fishing!!
Off to bed, as it's 1030 here, and out at 6am, for some more killer/fishing action., with our own personal badazz guide SCOTT.... Another couple Gary, and his wife Barb from colorado are shooting with me!! Sweet, cause we can move fast, and do whatever we all wish... A Dream Come true!!!!
Peace Out!!!

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Graham Turner  over 4 years ago
Hi Don thinking of you sounds awsome looking forward to shots when your back home go well and safe regards gray
Joshua Clark  over 4 years ago
Awesome, awesome, awesome to hear Don! Sounds like you are having a great time! Don't worry about the blog, get out there and throw down some great images!