Homeward bound!!

Published August 27th, 2012

Wonderful adventure is over and I'm on my way back home.it's been the most awesome trip ever for me! Time to
Get back home to my wife, and two dogs! In Seattle now and arriving in Dallas
this am @ 530am! Then final connection to fort lauderdale hopefully the storm has moved on , and fll is open again! Excited to get some images up and see them on my big screen! I,m just blown away by the the Alaskan giant bears, and their behavior. Had the privilege of photographing 12 or more sows, one boar, and three spring cubs 2012 brew, and some crazy sisters that are 2 to 3 year old cubs! All are different and have different personalities etc. I'm home tomorrow and working Tuesday, and then off to Memphis to photograph and judge clover creek aerodromes aerobatic completion! So, good news and bad, images will be up next week, on Monday! Hope everyone
Has a great labor day, and Thks for allof your messages, and well wishes!! I really look forward to sharing a series on the Alaskan brown bears!

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Joshua Clark  about 4 years ago
Welcome home buddy! Glad you had a great trip. Can't wait to see your shots. :)
Christie King  about 4 years ago
Excellent! Can't wait to see your adventures! Safe travels to you today.. might be tough with Isaac making his presence, but hang in there.