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Donovan Images-Photofix

Donovan Images-Photofix



What does one say about their passion, or about themselves. 1984, my brother passed and I got his Nikon FM camera. My first SLR. From that moment the journey to discovery would take to places I would never have known. Today, my journeys take me places I have been before, just have not seen. The majority of my photos are the view from my office. As I do not have the opportunity to stop, and set up. I photograph at 50 to 60 mph. The photos I post here, aside from the obvious, are taken at the spur of the moment. The millions of miles I have traveled. The people I have met, and the landscape has taught me this simple lesson. Capture the moment for in a moment is will be gone.

Views of my back yard. Alberta/British Columbia...

Published July 24th, 2011

After traveling throughout Canada and United States for many years. I have seen many wonderful things. Met many wonderful people. Someone asked me once, "where is your favorite place? " My response was; "Every place I am at the time."

I have spent so many years away from home, I became a stranger in my house. While gone, the world I grew up in changed. Upon coming home, it was a decision to stay and rediscover my home. It is a strange feeling to be a stranger in one's own home.

For the past four years, I have spent my time photographing Alberta and British Columbia. Places I missed while on my journey across the border.

Welcome to my home. My back yard.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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