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"We glide together across landscapes filled with visions of exciting new adventures." (From Trail Dancing by Doug Scrima --

Terry Tempest Williams, in The Hour of Land: A Personal Topography of America's National Parks shared that “(Her) spiritual life is found inside the heart of the wild.” Those words resonate with me. I have those feelings when I am on the trail. Those are times that I feel most free as an individual and inspired as an artist. I feel a real sense of joy unburdened by the pressures that seem to hold us back in our day to day routines. Certainly there are physical challenges, but I find that those challenges are what give meaning to the experience and sense of personal discovery.

As a photographer and poet, these experiences are such a powerful influence that they serve to cultivate and sharpen my artistic skills as work to interpret what has so profoundly moved me. Each photograph is an attempt to capture in time and as purely as possible an image that reflects the beauty that is revealed to me in that particular moment.

The words I write are a deeper reflection of the personal evolution I feel as I continue trekking my spiritual trail struggling with questions of mortality and understanding my purpose of being. Have I made a difference?

Trail Dancing --
Like most dances
Ours is one of risk and hope
We glide together across landscapes
Filled with visions of exciting new adventures
And promises of tempting discoveries

My feet move too cautiously toward a distant horizon
As she forces me to confront risk as an affirmation of life
While confronting head on the danger and pain
That gives my life meaningful shape and hope

She soars over me
She's always been the best in me
And while she reveals only as much as her spirit moves her
I continue to struggle
To match her elegant moves -
- and all that she may ultimately reveal

With regard to my 500PX website/portfolio --(, the "about button" provides information with regard to the location and metadata of each photograph from each "category" as well as a number I have assigned it in case there are additional questions about a particular photograph. I also have a website through Fine Art America, and finished work can be purchased through that site as well --

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