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Todd Holbrook

Todd Holbrook



I learned the basics of photography as a teen when my grandfather gave me a K1000 and a photography textbook. It never really went anywhere and I found the disconnect between shooting and developing made it hard to learn. I put it away in a box and didn't really shoot anything but random point and shoots until I was given a D40 a couple of years ago. I started shooting my family and friends, and discovered off camera flash. It's a couple of years later now and I've moved to mostly shooting models and clients. I shoot a lot of stuff with a boudoir feel and although I have moved to mostly natural light when I can get it, I still also like to do random creative things with strobes. I've gone back to shooting a bit of film when I can, as well. I was gifted a Pentax 6x7 and discovered my old K1000 in a box... it had sat there for twenty or so years, but still produced great results when I pulled it out and put a roll of film through it. Moving forward, I'm hoping to do more editorial work as well as stuff with a more candid feel.
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