"Poorly Posed Portraits" (The Series)

Published March 1st, 2012

I like to use a lot of humor in my work; Humor or Epicness (refer to http://drewlundquist.com if you haven't seen my work)

This series, the 'Poorly Posed Portraits' is one that has tickled my brain for good long while. I've seen countless blogs with compilations of horrible yearbook pictures and mugshots of all the people you never want to meet based on their photo.

The series is young, and will morph into something great (hopefully) as I alter my shooting and editing styles. I've already got some ideas in mind about how to go about capturing the best worst expressions next time I've got people in front of the camera (this being stated March 2nd @ 2:02am with the latest portrait edited and posted being Ravens.)

I love feedback, and I'm open to suggestions if you notice anything or would just like to throw me your two cents.

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