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Dutch Doscher

Dutch Doscher



I'm a Freelance Director of after school specials, music videos and short films, For clients including Deloitte, Pfizer, National Geographic, HCCS, Sunburst and Prentice Hall. I started as a Casting Director for industrials, commercials and after school specials, expanding to music videos and short films.. After years of casting, one of the educational producers decided to give me a chance to direct. I have given first acting jobs to some of the biggest young stars in the business like Frankie Munez (Malcolm In The Middle) Katrina Bowden (30 Rock) Scott Terra (Daredevil) and Lady Gaga (Pop Star), just to name a few. I have directed over 50 after school specials earning numerous awards from the Association of Visual Communications, The Columbus Film & Video Festival Awards, Questar Educational Awards, Connecticut Film Festival, Cannes Short Film Corner, Los Angeles Shorts Festival, New Filmmakers New York City, International Filmmaker Film Festival, and Houston International Film Festival, just to name a few. I also traveled around the country producing an award winning documentary on "Huffing, The dangers of inhalants.”, I went on to produce my own short films. A black and white short film “Leave You In Me.” That film has won best fiction film and numerous acting awards in over 25 film festivals and has earned these testimonials: http://dutchdoscher.com/wordpress/2010/03/01/leave-you-in-me-film/ •"I didn’t want to turn it off", Demme, Silence Of The Lambs. •"The film is superb, well shot and acted", Mark Romanek, Director One Hour Photo. •"Dark and beautiful, gorgeously shot, mesmerizing, sexy, beautifully acted", David Frankel, Director, Marley and Me. •"Shot in gorgeous black and white, it was really good like a Fellini movie", Bobby Rivers, Whoopie Goldberg Show •“Gorgeous, raw emotion. A supremely human experience. A love letter.”Robert Luketic, Director Legally Blond The spring 2009 issue of Filmmaking Magazine published an article on my current feature film called “The Wonder Project.” I have been a semi-finalist for the shows “On The Lot” and “Project Greenlight.” "Be more daring and more sincere" Kubrick
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Jonathan Wilson. "Bowery Ballroom". 2.12.14

Published February 14th, 2014

On a quiet cold and snowy New York night. Jonathan Wilson takes the stage in a show that wasn't sold out. It should have been. It was amazing.

If you don't know his music it's modern acoustic rock and never fails to surprise.

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Entertaining Conductor

Published April 20th, 2012

Heading into the city for a meeting, I noticed the conductor joking with a bunch of High School kids

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