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Born and living in Cologne, Germany, September '54. My passion is traveling and searching the contact to the local people in visiting weekly markets, markethalls etc. Taking a photo from exceeding people without talking to them is rather silly for me. I lost a piece of my heart in Namibia/Africa. There is a foundation called "OMBILI" which I encourage. Who is interested for information: http://www.ombili.de/ http://freundeskreis-ombili.de/ http://issuu.com/shot28magazine/docs/shot__magazine__17_march_-_2015 | Seite 159
  • Pentax K5II
  • Nikon F3 HP
  • 10mm - 20mm | Sigma
  • 105mm*2,8 | Sigma
  • 120mm - 400mm | Sigma
  • 35mm*2,8 | Pentax
  • 50mm '1,8 | Pentax
  • Nikon 28mm*2,8
  • Nikon 35mm*2,8


Published May 28th, 2014

In October 2013 our butcher has had his 30. anniversary. For that reason he organized a tombola with a lot of meat-prices, but 1 price was a balloon flight.

Me and my wife bought quite a lot of lottery tickets to get 1. price. But no luck. And the end I was cheesed off and had some soup. What I didn't know, my wife bought another 3 tickets and what shall I say: We got the 1. price. She gave me the ticket as a present because my wife is not a friend from flying, balloning or parachuting (omg).

A long time it took to find the right date, weather and suitable people. Finally 25th of May was the day and here you can see some impressions of the ballooning.

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