Market Place on 500px.com

Published February 22nd, 2012

I must say when I saw that a market had been added to the 500px community... I was very excited to see what was implemented. I enabled the store and went to look at the options. The Fine Print... is buried in the interface and not readily available. For thos wanting to know.. I copied this from the support section Q&A.

"To find out all the details regarding prices, photographer's revenue etc. please read all the information as provided on http://500px.com/store and http://500px.com/settings/store/faq including the "fine print, and enable the store for further details.

Canvas prints - Sell your photos on the highest quality canvas available. We take care of processing, printing, and shipping.
Available in two sizes — 36x24" or 30x30" — for just $500*

HD downloads - Let the world see your photos in full HD. Your photos are stored securely and are only available to buyers.
Downloads are full HD quality and available for just $2.99**

* Includes a digital copy of the photo. You get 70% of amount collected after printing costs have been paid off.
** You get 70% from every print, and $2.00 from every HD download you sell on the 500px Market."

I dont see the market as a good way to market my fine art prints, but it may be a way to sell the bulk images that are not the big keepers. Who knows what to expect for the cost of printing... (bay photo gallery wrap 24x36 is $183 // 30x30 $190 not including shipping) so that leaves lets say $300 behind. Expect to net about $230 per print then. Digital downloads are $2 a pop as stated.

For some reason this makes me feel like the work here is considered micro stock.

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