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Edie Howe

Edie Howe



Edie is a photographic artist, specializing in fine art monochrome intimate landscapes. She currently lives and works in Yosemite National Park. Her work has been displayed at the Yosemite Visitors Center. She has acted as an on-camera guide for Iti Q, a Japanese television variety show. Her influences are the works of Ansel Adams, Imogene Cunningham, Man Ray, Alfred Stieglitz, Georgia O'Keefe, and Otto Chriek.

But first you have to get there.

Published October 20th, 2012

"ƒ/8 and be there." But first, you have to get there.

The nights are cold at 8000 feet in the White Mountains of California, even in the summer. Down sleeping bag, merino wool clothing, and a nice thick mat are good when you're in a tent, but that cold air sucks the warmth from your bones when you unzip the flap and fumble for the trail stove to make a bad cup of coffee. If you're smart, you've prepped your gear and stowed it the night before for the 1.5 hour trip ahead. At a quarter to 4 in the morning, you're tempted to crawl back into the tent, huddled against the cold for just 5 more minutes.

But you know that 5 more minutes will put you behind schedule, one as immutable as granite. You need to be in place at 11,000 feet by 5:30, in time for the sun to rise.

Coffee gulped, stove packed and cup shaken dry, you climb into your car and start it up, hoping marmots haven't chewed through the wire harness. Gently you pull out and pass other sleeping campers, moving slowly to avo ...

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