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Irhad Babic

Irhad Babic




Bad photo - good story...

Published May 23rd, 2013

Last year I went with my friend, Nihad, on an old medieval fortress above downtown Sarajevo, in a neighborhood called Jekovac. We stayed for some time waiting for a nice light, hoping we'll capture a good landscape photo. We took some OK pictures, but I wanted to capture a nightscape (night landscape) as well. Problem was that the sky was really boring and the best photo I've got from there is "Sarajevo at dusk". The image is by all means mediocre, or worse (ugly skies, small moon, not properly retouched...) and it fell into oblivion shortly afterwards.

However, a month, or so, ago my other friend, Esef, called me and said that he is about to start and host a new TV show on their local TV station and that he needs an image of Sarajevo at dusk, or at night. He also called two more of our mutual friends who are into photography and ask them the same.

Three of us agreed to go together by one car, and to try visit 3-4 locations in that hour or so, around sunset. At the last moment I can ...

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