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Edgar Garces

Edgar Garces



Photographer from Cartagena de Indias Colombia, focused on advertising, commercial and artistic photography.

Once upon a time...

Published May 15th, 2014

I never imagined to find so much beauty, authenticity, dignity in the cirquero occupation and I believe, until today, that circus Golf is the poorest in the world I have ever seen. Embedded outside the limits of the city, amid low resources neighborhoods, this circus pulls up with cunning to the children of the sector the only thing that the shortage has not been able to rob them…laughter

In this circus there are not trained lions, elephants jugglers or twirling tigers, besides a couple of clowns and a couple of jugglers the main star is a donkey, yes, a donkey that is a champeta dancer (a tropical dance, mix of African and Caribbean sounds) amen of other abilities. Paying attention to that prime desire of possessing visually that counted by mouth of thirds, I went by with my camera and stole some images to the attractive function.

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INFABULA / Atavic mental states.

Published August 10th, 2013

The Colombian Caribbean north coast is a region where cohabit absurdly and smoothly reality and fantasy, (the so called magical realism) one never knows for sure whether the person you run across just around the corner is a hallucination product of the intake of some hallucinogen street beverage, or it is the character anodyne-mortal that has just emerged from a bank where he has paid his monthly payment of social security.

The caribbean man, as well as all human beings is configured in symbolic constructions, it is becoming from their stories, fears, craves, since those traits that have their lives to be counted. Be in front of the camera is resisting to anonymity, is to provide not only its anodyne stories, but also those materials traits or ideals they crave.

INFABULA / ATAVIC MENTAL STATES, capture through the aesthetics of the tripod characters of the city of Cartagena de Indias, in the Colombian Caribbean north coast, to configure a visual discourse that shows otherwise ephemeral ...

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