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EIKONAS Painting With Light

EIKONAS Painting...



Hi folks! I am an enthusiastic and passionate self taught freelance photographer from Austria/Europe. I used to shoot (landscape) pictures in the 1980’s with an old and tiny analog Minolta X700 but took a two decades long break from photography to pursue politics. I have been Vice-Mayor of my home city Puchenau but walked out of politics in 2012 to intensify my efforts in people/female beauty photography. Since then I am living my dream through my pictures. The brand-name of my enterprise EIKONAS is (ancient) greek and means "(longing) for pictures" My portrayal of (female) beauty is full of respect and appreciation for my models. Beauty cannot be discovered by simply exhibiting objects but by connecting with the subject, with the partner on the other side of the lens. Therefore my models are always shown as proud and beautiful individuals. My understanding of beauty is based upon my appreciation for genuineness and simplicity, of immediacy and truthfulness of the simple being as an aesthetic and self-confident individual. Can my photographic style be defined? Well, I don't know for myself. I love to try almost everything, I make mistakes, try to do better next time ... I LOVE colors!!! Overall, my style maybe could be defined as sensual, soft and natural. I love to play with the available light, with a narrow focus and with lights and shadows as well. Most important to me is staying free in my creative process, I am always learning and trying to develop my skills. Thanks so much for your appreciation. Stay happy and healthy! Feel free to vote for my pics, fave them, comment them if you like them and feel free to contact me as well. Collaboration requests from sensual and natural beautiful models are appreciated. Always good light to all of you!
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