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Jose Elia Fernandez

Jose Elia Fernandez



Life is a journey toward perfection not always we reached it but is our duty to insist on it. Some years ago when the music that flowed from my violin was my way to keep my mind full of creativity and my senses alive I still looked for that element that could sum up much more necessity inside me to create something unique that reflect amazement, character and a sense of history and especially that require a constant renewal effort from myself. Between drawers I found an old camera that became my main instrument of expression and today is an accomplice of my desires and my craziest ideas. After some time looking at things through the lens of my camera, meeting new people with inspiring ideas and also admiring the work of any photographer who has been courageous enough to go above and beyond of what your eyes can see, and especially to see how working hard of trying to be only a little bit different I have grown more with each shot. My purpose is to be able to leave a visible legacy to my future generations of the world its traditions and expressions like I see them today. Dr. José E. Fernández
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