Published November 24th, 2012

i was thinking the way these site works.i am working in greece uploading photos in these worldwide site.i have upload various pics some other good some other not so the time i start having presumable ¨alliance" my pics became popular and i an a way good like our politics.we have to dicide which way 'alliance' with.asian countries? our loving U.S.A {Marshall Plan} ? our lovevely europian union? Russia?which one is the best for our to coοparate?which one is more poppular?which one isgoing save us for the dept?who is going take lead in our sovereignty?i decide to vote just the pics i really like a lot.those pics that is art for me.i dont like copy paste comments.i want to vote one me just because you like my pics thank you.i am with the art and δημοκρατια.no more {Marshall Plan} , no "COSCO"

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