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Ellie Stone

Ellie Stone



• When people ask me, “how long have you been doing photography”? It makes me pause. Photography has been an interest of mine, ever since I can remember. I've owned every type of camera, & also, used whatever camera my Dad owned as well. I snapped shots of my dog, horse, and whatever else interested me. Looking back, it was my father's interest in photography, which sparked mine. My high school graduation gift was a nice Canon 35mm camera, a couple of lenses, and camera bag. Then my father was the catalyst for my first job, at what else, a photo lab! • For a fare amount of years my photography had taken a back seat. Simply because life got in the way. There were a few things that happened which rekindled my interest & passion for photography. Suddenly I wanted to learn more & get gain a better insight into this seemingly complicated Canon camera of mine. • Learning the solid basics for composition and exposure, have really launched me into another realm. Knowing the rules, when they work, when to break them, is an invaluable insight. My skill set has grown tremendously, and I feel this has made me even look at the world differently. • Now, I look forward to teaching and inspiring others to learn more about what it takes to capture fantastic images. This year I will embark on that journey, and as I teach, surely my own knowledge will continue to grow.
  • Canon 5D MRKII & Canon 40D
  • 17-40mm f/4 24-105mm f/4 70-200mm f/2.8 100mm Macro f/2.8 50mm f/1.8
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