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Emad Mohammadi

Emad Mohammadi



I as a photographer, have been spending a long time observing the masterpieces which have already created by professional photographers. That photographs inspired me to buy a camera. the first camera that I had was a film camera that belonged to my father. It was really amazing for me but I couldn't work with it. Although it was automatic and plain, but at the time, it was really challenging for me to take pictures since I wasn't aware of its function. after that my brother has bought a compact camera, the resolution was 2 MGPX. I took a lot photo by that cam. and I've heard a lot of compliment about my shoot and the way that I look at different subjects. after that I have decided to save my money to buy a DSLR camera, it has been taking a long time in order to be able to afford a DSLR camera. Finally after around one-year saving money I bought my amazing Nikon D7000 which is remaining sound up to now. I've been learning photography tips and techniques completely with materials that I, provided for myself, I have to say I learned photography in self-study fashion. I've read different books and articles, and I have been starting a long journey through various websites in order to learn from watching.This is my pictures album, I do love all of them and the stories which lie behind them. I hope you enjoy watching them. Emad Mohammadi.
  • Nikon D750
  • Nikkor 24-105 f:4
  • Nikkor 50 f:1.8
  • Tomron Macro 90 f:2.8
  • Canon powershot s90
  • 2 Speedlight flashes
  • Tripod,Manfrotto,
  • 2 Speedlight flashes
  • Tripod,Manfrotto,

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