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Emilio Rescigno


I was born on 31st August 1959 in Finale Ligure. In my opinion the photographer is “who can find that small and hidden particular or detail (part of that universality we observe) that we don’t catch and communicate it through his eyes and works”.

I like to quote a beautiful thought of the French photographer Edoard Boubat (1923-1999): “You can’t become a photographer. You must live this work everyday, hour after hour, seizing the moment. The thousandth of second. Everything changes. Every moment. Only a step forward or back can damage the most perfect picture”.

My photos have been published in magazines, newspapers, national and international headlines like 24 Karati, Business People, Archeo etc. I often take part in stages and workshops, like Adobe or HP, in this way I am always updated about shooting and image processing. I am partner as creative photographer of the National Association of Professional Photographers TAU-VISUAL Milano.

I am specialized in different genres: Advertising and Business Photography, Portrait, Ceremony, Landscape, Food and Still life, Stage Photography, Beauty, Architectural and Interior Photography. I am also available to run photography courses, on demand and on stated days, about photographic techniques and Photoshop.

Report at the Photography Prize, Milano 2008: “The photographic production of Rescigno tends to find a remarkable balance between customers demand and his personal research of technical growth in this field (Roberto Tomesani – President of the National Association of Professional Photographers).

I travelled in the USA and in other countries of the world.

In 2002 I was selected by the International Events of Milano to represent the Italian photography for the “Independence day”: four evenings dedicated to the USA to celebrate 4th July.

Since 2005 I have been part of Fotografionline, where all members are involved in the organization and meetings about photography.

From 2005 to 2010 I was the official photographer of Finale Ligure and I collaborated with the press office to document and show the main activities and events of this town. In different occasions mass media focused on me with regard to my exhibitions.

I have improved my experience in theatre photography and since 2006 I am one of the stage photographers of “Teatro della Tosse” in Genoa. I also lent my work to important theatre directors such as Maximilian Nisi.

I am also specialized in architectural photography and I challenged me in shots of big spaces with sophisticated techniques.

In collaboration with Finale Ligure, the International Institute for Ligurian Studies, the Superintendence for Archeological and Landscape Heritage of Liguria I took part in the realization of a book with photos of the new birth of the Former Convent of St. Caterina Finalborgo, where today important events of worldwide sensation take place. In this context I followed the four Editions of “Festival dell’ Inquietudine” (2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011) and, every year, the third day a leading figure of the cultural and managerial world was awarded. My shootings were published in national and international newspapers.

From 20 February to 20 March 2009 at Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, the “International Poetry Room” housed my exhibition “Immagini e parole” (pictures and words) after the collaboration with the famous Roman poet Antonella Pedicelli.

From 4 April to 11 May 2009 I held my exhibition “MASKS” about the charm and magic of Venice masks.

From 6 to 12 September 2009 I did a picture story on behalf of UNITALSI LIGURE. An extraordinary experience from the human and professional point of view. And then its exhibition “Pellegrinaggio a Lourdes”, with the support of the Department of Education Sciences and Training Processes of the University of Turin, supported by the department UNITALSI of Finale and housed by the exhibition room of the Archeological Museum in Finale.

Since 29 April 2010 I have held the exhibition “Dubai e dintorni”, a choice of my photos from my picture story in the Persian Gulf.

I have had the chance to photograph big figures of the society such as: Eva Herzigova, Oliviero Toscani, Gino Paoli, Markus Stockhausen, Eleonora Giorgi, Irene Grandi, Renato Zero, and famous models, Marguerite Guerin (first etoile comedienne in Paris) and Larisa Romanova. I photographed different bands.

I was coauthor of the book “Finale in Famiglia”, publishing house De Ferrari of Genoa.

On 29 May I inaugurated my exhibition “Sherazade” about the teachers and their students of the belly dance school, directed by Marta Vicini.

On 31 October 2010 I went to Nepal with the guide Carlo Mamberto and I did a picture story. The most part of these photos constitute my current exhibition “Namaste”, Nepal: from the Annapurna Circuit to the Chitwan Jungle; I opened it at the Oratory of the Disciplinanti in Finale Ligure and later in Genoa (in September, in the International Poetry Room of Palazzo Ducale) and in other towns.

In May 2012 I realized 8 big panels with Luca Forno and they have been used for conventions about Alzheimer. The pictures are inspired by the Horticultural Therapy conducted by the doctors of Galliera Hospital in Genoa under Prof. Ernesto Palummeri and cooperative’s charge. The exhibition’s supervisor was Marco Riolfo.

Now I am engaged in workshops to teach and spread the photographic technique, in particular for those people approaching photography and its several expressive possibilities for the first time.

“I love thinking there is something magic in photography. I can have the power to stop every single moment and the time forever”.

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