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Enrico Pelos is a photojournalist based in Genoa, Liguria, Italy. His hotos and/or articles have been published or awarded on local, national and international level. He covers landscape and social issues and in particular concerning Liguria land. His photos have been shown at many exhibitions and some of his works are now in the archives of Ufficio Parchi Regione Liguria of Genoa. He is co-author of the photographs of the book: "Alta Via dei Monti Liguri" ("Hohenweg der ligurischen Berge" in the German ed.), a cover up about Liguria Mountains High Way Trail, a trekking he did along 440 km, published by Unioncamere in 1999, for which he also produced and authoring work the "Alta Via dei Monti Liguri" multimedia cd. He has also produced with authoring design many multimedia web cd concerning Gis works in connection also with photography for public institutions.
While travelling and working in countries around Europe and beyond taking photographs he worked in various technical fields and as a translator. He specialized then in informatics and in Gis (Geo info systems)" working with private and institutional subjects for the implementation of web sites and portals, and designing and producing full cycle of multimedia cd presentations.
Among others, contributions for Municipality and the Province of Genoa, photography and the multimedia presentation for the "Alta Via dei Monti Liguri" Trail Ass., (Liguria Mountains High Way Trail and also Höhenweg der Ligurischen Berge" the German ed.), photos "Mention of Honor" at the Nikon Photo Contest Int., photographs for the Liguria Region and Parks Archive and in specialized magazines or for publications, and in events like the XII 'Liguria Book Event of Peagna (Ceriale-Sv)" with a photo exhibition and a multimedia presentation " The Pilgrims faith ways in Liguria".
As a journalist he was on the design of the web edition, of the portal of the " Mountains and the Apennines of Liguria" online magazine "The Stones and the Sea of Liguri.net for URPL the (Liguria Prov. Reg.Un.), the magazine " R'Ni D'Aigura" " Il Nido d’Aquila" and on other multimedia projects.
He has published, with Blu Publisher, the book "Passeggiate a Levante" (Eastern Liguria walks) 45 hiking itineraries with over 300 unique photos taken from dawn to sunset along Tigullio, 5 Terre, Poets Gulf coasts and Beigua, Antola, Aveto parks with inland villages and mountains on Eastern Liguria and with itineraries along the Fortresses of Genoa and the Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno. The boot is complete with maps and detailed descriptions.
He has published as co-athor (together with Rita Tunes) and publisher "Memorie beatlesiane e dintorni" with many photos from concerts and landscape when he lived and worke in Londonfor few years.
He is now on the design of different photography and writing sites and fb pages.

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Enrico Pelos è un giornalista fotografo di Genova, Italy; sue foto e/o articoli sono state pubblicate a livello locale, nazionale e internazionale.

Ha pubblicato fotografie del libro sull'Alta Via dei Monti Liguri", con Blu editore il libro "Passeggiate a Levante" 45 Itinerari corredati di 300 fotografie, testi e cartine e con 45 percorsi e fotografati nella costa del Tigullio, delle 5 Terre, del Golfo dei Poeti etc. e nell’entroterra del Beigua, dell'Antola, dell'Aveto e dei paesi della Liguria di Levante.
Recentemente ha pubblicato come co-autore, insieme a Rita Tunes, il libro "Memorie Beatlesiane e dintorni" con molte foto fatte a concerti e loclaità nel periodo che ha vissuto e lavorato a Londra per alcuni anni.