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4 Days by the Baltic Sea

Published September 17th, 2012

Three weeks ago, I went to the far north of Germany, doing a short vacation job in Wieck, a village near the Baltic Sea. After work, I tried to make the most of the evenings and went on a sunset-shooting-spree. On the final day, Sunday, I got up real early at 5 AM and took a sunrise photo, after scouting the location the evening before.

Looking back, there's a couple of things that intrigue me now. One is the picture with the moon. I wasn't aware this was a blue moon at all. It was a really spontaneous shot, actually, as I returned to the seabridge in Prerow that evening, to get a chance to photograph the circus elephant that went swimming there two days before (while I was taking the pic "Sundown"). Alas, the elephant didn't return, so I left the beach after sunset, when I saw that orange moon rising. I should've looked for the moonrise in the first place, I bet it looked even more breathtaking coming out of the sea...

The second day I came upon a couple of red deer by the sea, an o ...

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