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Three weeks ago, I went to the far north of Germany, doing a short vacation job in Wieck, a village near the Baltic Sea. After work, I tried to make the most of the evenings and went on a sunset-shooting-spree. On the final day, Sunday, I got up real early at 5 AM and took a sunrise photo, after scouting the location the evening before.

Looking back, there's a couple of things that intrigue me now. One is the picture with the moon. I wasn't aware this was a blue moon at all. It was a really spontaneous shot, actually, as I returned to the seabridge in Prerow that evening, to get a chance to photograph the circus elephant that went swimming there two days before (while I was taking the pic "Sundown"). Alas, the elephant didn't return, so I left the beach after sunset, when I saw that orange moon rising. I should've looked for the moonrise in the first place, I bet it looked even more breathtaking coming out of the sea...

The second day I came upon a couple of red deer by the sea, an occassion were I really could've used a longer telephoto lens...

These pictures marked my first experience with a cheap ND1000 filter, and I've fallen in love with it already. :D Expect more long exposure pictures taken with it in the future, but this time from the south of Germany, in the Alps.

Check out the best pictures I took during my short stay at the Baltic Sea below. I aligned them in chronological order, in contrast to my gallery. ;)


Sunset in Prerow, Baltic Sea, Germany


The seabridge in Prerow, Baltic Sea, Germany.

The people on the left just wouldn't move in the 2 minutes exposure, because they were watching a circus elephant that went swimming there. I saw it, too, and was already getting ready my flash and other lens, but when this shot was taken, the elephant was already leaving...

Deer by the Sea

There's lots of deer and stags on the north coast of Germany near the Baltic Sea. You can't see the sea here, but it's right behind those dunes.

Here I really longed for a longer lens, something above 400mm or 500mm...


Another sunset by the baltic sea.

Reading the newspaper...

Calmly reading the newspaper, while the sea and the skies are going haywire in the wind.


Prerow, Baltic Sea, Germany

"Once upon a blue moon..."

Sunrise on the Baltic Sea

Red Skies Above

Sunrise on the coast of Germany, Baltic Sea.


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