Ernesto Borges

Since childhood I was very interested in nature and the high-risk sports from an early age my parents decided to put me in swimming and other
physical activities to channel all that energy.
At the age of 8 my father decided to teach the basic operation of a camera focal ranges explaining principles of color and light. At the same
age I wanted to try different sports like surf , skate , bmx, breakedance , martial arts, capoeira, boogie boarding , rock climbing , and always
this hand of aggressive skating ramps in which I competed in international circuits professionally.
Then I started to make my own skate videos and little by little I started to work on videos of people and bands tv channels as cameraman and
editor camcorders (without having any kind of study he had learned a self-taught ) .
decided at age 24 to study at the Center for digital design to polish my graphic skills place which I was awarded a scholarship. after two
years of studies decided that was part of faculty staff of the institution and i became a teacher for graphic design computer programs and
design technics editing and creative speeches for students.
At thhe end of my career I get an interesting job offer to be part of a theatrical circus show in singapore called " Voyage de la vie" skating
half pipe rotating two meters wide and said that if not then to be there after two years of rehearsals and working on the show I gradually
having more free time to explore other art and return to my roots in the visual and media arts was designing graphics for various art exhibits
and then started with DSLR for video switching and optical lenses that give that film look sensors and started to do several videos and I
gradually falling into the world of composition and still shots , so I started to document the show all those things show interesting about these
magical characters and the world he belonged in which there are many talented artists with many skills.
After studying for a year and a half of self-taught photography I met several people who helped me improvise my techniques as light digital
retouching as working correctly and cleanly my photographic work , and gradually my work was improving thanks to all those friends who
believed in me have supported me .
I never noticed a photographic career that I am in right now I just wanted to take pictures and gradually became increasingly complex projects and improving,
seeking perfection of images conveying what I live every day as an artist and as a photographer. My inspiration is the environment in which I live, and where I develop relationship with physical activity, addressing places where I feel in touch with nature like the ocean.

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