My first 10 pictures story

Published May 27th, 2012

I just uploaded some pictures I liked and I thought could tell a story as I supposed it should be. A picture of myself, my computer and browser should be there because they fill my life and are importent to the story. I always like black and white pictures and faces and thought they tell their own story. A nude picture would show I liked the female body and tell there is a difference between good not offending nude pictures and pictures showing the female body abused. This is a story and I will know how it will appear only after its published and so it's my teacher. I welcome others to take a look , read my small tellings, and hopefully give me feedback, so I know if it sucks or you welcome me as a part of 500.

From me to you Yours skakk4


A picture of myself sitting by myself taking a photo of my <3 <3 <3 I think it could be importent to tell that I am retired and live at a home for old folks because that's the only place for me where I 24/7 can get help if I need so. I get oxygen, I have COL, I am 50 single. Taking a picture of myself give me an option to look at me like others do. Sounds crazy, well I spend 23 hours of the day alone and maybe looking at myself and read my own words could help me to interact more with other people it would be the path for me. As we live inside ourselves a glimps of of ourself in a reflection could suddently tell us the truth about our age our wellbeeing and much more
Forgot to tell I am from Denmark

My Browser

As I use words I read, I live in my browser. My google chrome browser is my first choice and I did it after Internet Explorer didn't satisfy me. Firefox I also like and it often tickles me that it got another way with many good solutions I like. But the winner is chrome with Chrome Webstore. With apps,, extentions from the webstore you make your browser personal in a unike way. Thank you I say


Black and white picture telling a story of human psyke. To you it will tell another story than the one it tells me cause we're different. I call this picture mental and feel it's telling how we can be inprisoned in ourself


A picture of how I again got screwed but learned not to say yes to anyone to make your computer faster less you want to buy. This shows Slow PC Fighter who I never paid

  • May 14th, 2011
  • Canon DIGITAL IXUS 95 IS
  • 6.2mm / f/2.8 / 1/30 sec


We look at others and feel and wonder if others have good storys to tell of the tracks they crossed. In the old days storys did gather people and story tellers had big times

Img 4


I love female bodys and I don't really think the masterpiece should be measured in a scala cause everyone is perfect in it's own sense. I have a weakness. I still love titties and the sunny days on the beach


Is it a chain or a leash between her teeth. I guess we all think of a female master because of the lipstick. It just strock me it could have beena a male and then I lost the story


Is someone teasing, flirting with her eyes. I think so.

As we speak

This story is up to you. To me it lost power as we speak. Correct me if wrong

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Chris Middleton  over 2 years ago
I think as long as you make others aware that certain images are by other photographers you'll be fine. Like the story though.
Yakov Shvartz (inactive)  over 4 years ago
I think you are not allowed to use others work even for illustration (forgive me if all shots are by you).