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Erlinda Goldie

Erlinda Goldie



I'm a 24 year old Female Photographer based in London Uk. I was born in Tirana Albanian. Raised in Athens Greece till the age of 8 then moved to Toronto Canada with my family. I was always intrigued by photography. Taking photos of my mother from the tender age of 6 and having her always encourage me to keep shooting is what made me take photography more seriously. I started my photography career 4 years ago in Toronto Canada. I moved to Paris France and worked there as a photographer for a year before moving to London UK. "Love Love" Please Note: All images are copyrighted © Erlinda Goldie All Rights Reserved. Copying, displaying, reproduction, redistribution, altering or exploitation of any of these images whether in whole or in part without written permission from the artist (Erlinda Goldie) is strictly prohibited by law.
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