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Ernest Koe

Ernest Koe



I do software; sometimes I do photography


Published June 30th, 2011

As a Nikon owner and Leica wishful-owner, I read Ken Rockwell’s blog to stay up on the world of cameras through Ken’s eyes. Mostly, it is just entertaining; his humor is an odd blend of self-conscious awkwardness and sometimes sardonic charm.

Beyond the technical reviews it is hard to take Ken too seriously. His blog is really one big chuckle. The man who rants against photographers’ preoccupation with “gear” is himself hopelessly seduced by the five-figure Leica M9 kit. Good for him, I say.

My issue with Ken, however, is not this predilection for hyperbolic sarcasm that he confuses for humor. My (little) beef is with his explanation of his use of the term, "Oriental" which strikes me as utterly illogical.

Mr. Rockwell writes: Now, the word "Oriental" isn’t generally considered offensive by everyone in this world and I wouldn’t take umbrage with his usage except that he uses it in exactly the way that would suggest a more ignorant view o ...

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Hello World!

Published June 29th, 2011

Really impressed with 500px. Great UX. My Wordpress site can finally go buh-bye!

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