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Published May 28th, 2011

Ok so I was asked recently what my inspiration was or more specifically "How do you get ideas of what to shoot?".

Now me being the person I am, and of course knowing full well the answer, evaluated the question a bit. I had one of those "What does she think i'm going to say" moments. So my first reaction was to answer with a question. "How do you think I come up with my ideas?" To which she answered "Your family."


Not to say that i'm not inspired by my family. On the contrary they inspire me to do a great many things, including pursuing photography as an artistic outlet and/or vocation but they aren't the force behind my creativity. The real answer, which my wife got right away (go wife), is music.

Here's a bit of insight into my home life. If I used my wife as a source for my ideas my work would be a compilation of "lovey-dovey" and "angry/frustrated chaos" (no offense babe). If I used my son it would be a mixture of, well, lets just say i'd be taking pictures of toys a lot. Now, I have shown my view of my wife via photography already mind you. Both the soft beauty and the hard bitch that I know her to be: http://www.esnelldesign.com/latoya-s-shoot.html shots inspired by my idea of the woman I love. I've done my son as well.

Now the person who brought up the question was actually a little upset I didn't say my family but I try to be honest and it took me a minute to remember that she doesn't know me to understand me. Music is a force that completely drives ME even though i'm not a musician. My personality type is INTP (look it up if you want) but basically what that boils down to is that I live in my head and analyze everything. I also listen to my Ipod ALL DAY EVERYDAY! It's attached to me surgically and never leaves my side... So what happens when someone who thinks every second of every day listens to a song that completely drowns out his ambient surroundings? He thinks about the song!

The inspiration for the wedding shots with Jo ~ Thank Heaven for You by Esthero

The inspiration for the Kimber Warren window shots (and I was a bit depressed around this time) ~ Three Libras by A Perfect Circle

Those are just some examples of what I mean. You may know those songs and get completely different interpretations from them but as I listened to them whole scenarios played out in my head like a movie. I would have loved to have danced to Thank Heaven for You at my wedding, Three Libras is a bit depressing and makes me feel a little lost at times.

I have much more to shoot and plenty of ideas to get on camera especially this killer one involving Kunoichi and Swords inspired by the song Passive by A Perfect Circle (haven't figured out how to shoot it yet but i'm working on it)!

Stay tuned...



Inspired by Thank Heaven for You by Esthero...

  • April 26th, 2011
  • Canon EOS 40D
  • 30mm / f/4.5 / 1/160 sec


Inspired by Three Libras by A Perfect Circle...

  • November 20th, 2010
  • 18mm / f/3.5 / 1/80 sec

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