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Cars 2 Movie Review

Published June 29th, 2011

The summer movies have been good not great this year. I would argue that there have been no top tier movies this summer. I went with friends and had four children in our group between the ages 2 and 6. They were all very engaged for the most part. The cool factor of loud and fast cars was taking over. All the kids were boys and let's just be honest, boys are predisposed to love anything cars related disney or otherwise. If you are on the fence about spending matinee money to see this movie let me calm you by saying the TOY STORY short about Hawaiian vacation before the movie is worth that price alone. It was really a gem that makes you love the Toy Story family that much more.

This is a spy film. This is a mater movie. If either of these two things turn you off on principle then skip it. Both spy films and mater as a character bring with it certain baggage and certain flaws from the start. There are a world of of new cars being introduced and that leaves little screen time for anyone other than Mater. An example is there are all these foreign cars that are introduced that barely speak. When they do speak though it leaves you wondering why they said anything at all.

I love a good spy thriller and I like stupid comedies with sight gags. I was watching GOLDEN EYE the other night. Its not a perfect film, but I love it. It is a 90's spy film that has over detailed plots and twists and lots of characters, but Pierce Brosnan carries that film. Cars 2 reminded me of a combination of a 007 film and an episode of Scooby Doo. Plot twists and randomness that all gets wrapped in a bow by the end. This movies faults don't make it a bad movie, but don't make it a great movie either. I know I will own CARS 2 on bluray because its a beautiful film. It is not a no brainer recommend for people that like to show off their bluray players capabilities.

It is not the GREAT SUMMER movie classic that WALLE, UP, and Toy Story 3 were, but it is not a bad one either. It might be one of Pixars worst, but considering they have nothing but CLASSICS in their back catalog it has great company. In the long run CARS the franchise might be Disney and Pixars most profitable GO FIGURE



It's a good movie:
-if you like the MATER CAR shorts then you will get a kick out of the movie

-It's isn't a CARS movie... it's a MATER movie

It is not the GREAT SUMMER movie UP and Toy Story 3 were, but it is not a bad one either. It might be one of Pixars worst yet considreing they have had nothing but CLASSICS. It might be its most profitable franchise in the long GO FIGURE

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