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Little about me and why I model.

Published March 26th, 2012

Iv always loved images, I draw and paint as well as model and go to galleries. Its the only thing that really makes any sence to me. Maybe thats because its expressive and you can make it however you choose to. Helps to understand myself and sometimes others as well.

I wanted to model since the age of 6 and when I finally started aged 18 found that it helped with my confidence so much, I was able to get free from life and be who ever I wanted to be. A little like acting I guess.

Its not just been a way of expressing myself to me tho as it has also led to meeting people and starting a life. I now live with my partner who is a model I met at a shoot once (the male in my images, Demondaz) and I couldnt ask for a better life. We often shoot together and apart and its wonderful for the photographer to get real emotion as well as for us to recieve images that are our life.

In 2005 aged 18 I was in a accident which left me scared and with a long recovery period after breaking a lot of my bones includeing neck, spine leg jaw etc. I am proud of my scars, though at first was afraid to show them but now my modeling feels a way to say to others, dont worry. Terrible things happen but be proud of who you are and dont let anything hold you back. Ok im not perfect but who is?

I hope you have enjoyed reading a little about me and what my images mean as a whole to me.


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Phine Ka  over 4 years ago
Very nice to see you here Hayley, beautiful work of a strong lady!