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Welcome to the portfolio of award-winning Australian landscape photographer Tony Leyland. Tony is passionate about producing high-quality images of our natural world, with a strong focus on capturing the beauty that surrounds us. His images often have a mysterious and expressive feel about them, from where sea meets the land to the stars above. The on-line gallery is constantly evolving as more fine images are added. For those who are interested, each image is available for purchase with world-wide shipping. His photographic interests include expressive landscapes, architecture, light painting, kids portraiture and time-lapse video. Expressive Imagery is a family run business based in North Lakes, Brisbane. Their professional services include expressive landscapes, kids portraiture shoots and the occasional video production. Products to purchase include high quality prints, canvasses, photo books and DVDs. Originally from Liverpool in England, Tony moved over to Brisbane Australia in 2007 with his young family.
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