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Get to know me

Published November 28th, 2012

My Goal is to create an image that represents me as an artist and hope there is an audience that responds to it. For me life is art. The passion to create is not just an option, but built into my very DNA. It’s about having an idea or vision in my head, and experiencing the creative process to get it out for the world to see. As a young child, I always heard stories from my grandfather about his days as a professional drummer, playing in the Grand Ole Opry for artists such as Jonny Cash, Dolly Parton, Porter Wagner and Bob Flowers. Even as a child, his babysitter was the legendary Lucille Ball. My grandmother also spoke of celebrity on her side of the family. Her cousin, Lee Marvin who ran away to Hollywood becoming successful actor. Those stories had always left me with the thought that I was destined for artistic greatness in some way, shape, or form. I had to be drawing, painting, or building something throughout my youth. Anything that I could call my own, my stamp, my signature, my creation. To step back and say, I did that. It was Middle School where I had been introduced to a real art class. It was an outlet that finally validated people with artistic talent. By High School I was taking advanced art classes and having my work displayed in various art fairs. I also took woodshop and drafting classes as well. Again, it was just another creative outlet for me to express myself. Being influenced by the celebrity stories of my family, I began entertaining the notion of working in the entertainment industry. So in my senior year of High School, that I had attended BOCES Vo-Tech to study Radio and Television Broadcasting. It was there that my interest blossomed for the business even more. I began producing, directing and shooting video productions for the local cable access station and continued to do so for a year after graduating High School. I became very consumed and passionate about the industry. So I then decided to attend Full Sail University to study Video and Film Production in 1994. I began learning as much as I could about every possible job of working behind the camera. While attending school, I landed an internship at Chapman/Leonard Studios where I began to network into professional productions. After graduation, I began to work in the industry. I worked many different positions, such as set construction department, gripping department, and camera department. I worked on everything I could from commercials to television shows to feature length films. By this time, I had been married with two children and one on the way. All of travels and never really being home became a burden on my family and strain on my marriage. So a decision had to be made, my family or my career. I chose family and decided to become a “Regular Working Joe”. But the creative bug would bite me every now and then. So I would occasionally do some dabble into a video production project of some sort every now and again. But it was never enough to satisfy. I always told myself after the boys had all graduated; I would give the industry another go. In 2008, my wife had bought me a digital SLR camera for my birthday. Believe it or not, I had never even given photography a thought. Just like all great photographers, I began shooting nature and still life. Understanding the camera came extremely because of my experience in video and film. It wasn’t until 2010 that I decided to make a business in photography. In 2011, my work began getting published. The creative bug that would bite every now and again has finally been satisfied. I have never ceased to view myself as an artist. To position myself any other way would be absurd. I believe it is this uncompromising passion to create that has allowed my work to compete in the market place. In defining my work, I view myself as a director; creating images larger than life. The photographic process continues to change alongside technology. I believe embracing those changes gives me a greater option to fulfill my vision as an artist. Without question, I believe we are in the greatest age of photography since its conception.

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