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Sarah Ahmed

Sarah Ahmed



My first love is painting, but ever since getting my first decent camera, my interest in photography has expanded exponentially. I love exploring how one can apply concepts from the world of paper and paint to that of photography. My pendulum swings between the two extremes of processing: I either do a lot of it on a picture, or none at all. Having grown up in Zimbabwe, lived a lot in South Africa and now based in Australia, I find myself drawn largely to nature, wildlife and landscapes as subject matter, but am game to try most things. Being the proud mum of a beautiful German Shepherd, I love dogs,and I think it shows!
  • Nikon P60
  • Nikon D3100
  • Nkon D5200
  • Nikkor 18-55mm
  • Nikkor 200mm
  • Nikkor 40mm micro

Life in a Waterless land

Published March 17th, 2012

Tjuntjuntjara is a remote Aboriginal community of 200 people in the West Australian desert, 900km from the next nearest settlement. Every few years, hordes of galahs descend on the community in their eternal quest for water. This year it was a saucer full, outside the local clinic, that caught their sharp eyes.

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