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Fabrizio Picchiotti

It is a common opinion in many "macro-photographer" that shoot their own photos with a light so-called "hard" is a simple way to complicate their lives. The shadows net and contrasts that are obtained during the central hours of the day, or in the presence of strong light, are considered situations to avoid.
On the contrary i believe that in the hours of maximum illumination when the photographed subjects are being in full activity are natural and intent in the daily hard work: the flight, hunting, reproduction, nutrition or simply rest must be caught from the target.
It is precisely the "hard lux" that gives me great advantages, the colors are more lively, the shadows if not too intrusive sculpt the subject and give more three-dimensional, so in these situations the macro photography expresses, in my opinion, its full potential and spectacular.
As a photographer i identify in seam of the so-called 'macrophoto pics creative or Human' where the subject interacts with its natural environment, in which elements that at first sight may appear secondary as a perch, of the leaves, the pistil of a flower, fits in with the main subject taking the same importance and becoming one in the image.
To do this kind of photographs and much more demanding, known and easier photograph a butterfly or dragonfly seized to the first light of dawn
almost in a state of catalessi via the cold of the night, the subject in this case remain property letting all the time required by the photographer, i try to more in my shots, i represent a small world that often escapes the eyes, in a real way, natural, in a word: live.

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