A Short Trip To Bombay

Published July 7th, 2013

Bombay(Mumbai) is a city that never sleeps. Bombay is always buzzing with people and there is so much happening all around. Its a nice playground for street photographers. Bombay always surprises me. But this time I was there on a business trip, Was going from one place to the other and I captured a few things around me.

The images are few hope you like them.

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Colours Of Goa

Published April 22nd, 2013

Goa is a small yet beautiful state in western India, this is where I grew up. As a child wandering the streets I realised one thing that Goa has beautiful architecture. All the houses and building have these vibrant colours which are used in every part of the state. As a photographer I love colours.

So I wanted to capture and store these beautiful houses and its unique design before the modern world starts taking them down( I hope this won't happen). So my first Set of pictures are common colours used on Goan Buildings.

These were shot back in November 2012 at Old Panaji in the capital city of Goa.

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