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Fatih Kocatürk

Makes me on... or turns me on? Hahaha! Im turned on by a nice smile, a sweet heart, a hot body and a handsome face (with facial hair). I like a nice voice and someone that can make me laugh. Someone that is healthy and has a respect for nature like I do.
That turns me on! When a man can be comfortable to be himself no matter what.
I get turned on by affection and creativity. All sorts of things. Honesty, Sex appeal....the list goes on....

What makes me angry the most?

People that want to hurt animals or other people. That makes me angry. Animals and plants for example dont have a voice, so they get abused all the time. Animals are becoming extinct, forests are being cut down and some big companies are polluting our oceans, rivers and air.

So yeah, people that dont respect the earth and the species that dont have a voice, that really pisses me off. I wish sometimes I was like Superman and I could go around saving the world!

I cant tolerate abuse to children or animals or plants or people. That makes me angry. But especially those that cant defend themselves.

When is my most embarassing moment?

Hhhmmm. Let me think

I remember my sisters coming and grabbing me out of the shower or something when i was child and carrying me out into the street and ripping my towel off. That was pretty embaressing! I am the youngest so they were both bigger than me and liked picking on me.

I dont get easily embaressed these days. Im not afraid to be naked or worried about what other people think, so it would be hard to embaress me. I am quite shy though and sometimes quiet.

Sometimes I get embaressed when guys come up to me and try to pick me up, it depends on my mood.

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