Message to all "Dislikers":

Published July 29th, 2011

Dears! I have no idea what is the point of hitting "Dislike" button. Maybe it is jealousy, maybe it is the way to promote your own photography in Upcoming and to move them to Popular sections but I am pretty sure it is definitely not that you really don't like the photo! I am sure you don't even look at the picture you are Disliking! It really doesn't matter! Pros who are making photography for living are selling them without their pictures going to Popular or Upcoming! The one who need to sell his photography WILL sell it anyway, because they are darn good! You will NOT sell your photography here! If you are trying to reach the Top charts the way you are doing this, quality of your photography is already crappy! Normal people are using this site to have fun and share their work with the world, to learn from Masters and to improve their skills. If you'll look at the photographs you disliked, you'll notice, that even after you throw them down from the tops, they are rising again. Do ...

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