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Fernando De Oliveira

Fernando De Oliveira



Fernando Roberto is a professional photographer. Born in Brazil, he moved to the US in 2000 and now resides in California. His background includes studies and qualifications in Art Media and Computer Management for the Health Department in Brazil. Having a life long interest in photography, he began to developed his skills while studying Art Media at American River College. He continues to attend professional level photography seminars and applies the latest techniques to his own photography business. Fernando Roberto’s appreciation of the world’s wild places has inspired him to capture landscapes with his own flair and style: Raw. Dramatic. Beautiful. Equally talented when he is behind the camera shooting portraits, Fernando loves to apply a variety of creative digital techniques to his work which can make a great shot even more stunning. Weddings, Birthdays, special events. All of life's memorable moments captured by an artist. Cheerful and fun loving, Fernando is proud to be a native of the country which has given the world the best football, some of the most famous models, Bossa Nova, Carnival and the caipirinha. "Having a brazilian accent is great, people pay more attention to you. It's always a gift."
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