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Felix Flatter

I started photographing around three years ago, at first with a Sony Alpha, but I switched to Nikon later. At first my use of the camera was limited to a few days or evenings when I took my camera and just tried things. By and by, at the latest after i did an internship with Mannheim-based photographers Markus Proßwitz and Michael Ruffler, I used my camera more specific and planned images and shootings in advance. Land- and Cityscapes developed to my main theme, but I also did people photography as an asset. This internship also introduced me to sports photography, ice hockey (two things I still enjoy very much) and studio photography. I could first try to set up the light completely independent from natural light sources, and that caused me buying lightformers and a remote control for my flash to use some of that creative potential for my own work.

Inspired by upcoming timelapse videos on the internet I decided to try this technique myself and produced a timelapse video of Mannheim.
After I left Germany last August and moved to Toronto the amount of gear I could carry was limited. Instead, I discovered my enthusiasm for nature, the unlimited variety and beauty and the endless wonder of our planet earth. My goal is now, to show all this through my photography before it is gone. I live in Halifax at the moment, what gives me again new perspectives because it is a rather industrial town.

My interest in (audio-)visual media goes back to my time in the „Medien-AG“ (a study group of my school, concerning audiovisual media) of my school. Over the years I took over more and more important responsibilities, up to directing the school‘s TV show „Humboldt-TV“. I was also significantly involved in the modernization and modification of my school‘s TV studio and set up most of the new components. Furthermore, I produced several short movies on my own, for example a short movie about the vocational training at a regional power company and a short movie about the 170th anniversary of a local choral society. During my schooldays I took care of the technical direction and sound engineering at theatre shows and school events what gave me a good understanding of audio engineering and sparked my interest in audio processing and editing. The by far biggest project I was trusted with was the DVD/BD-production of the musical „Humboldt“, for which I did not only develop an overall design for the program booklet, posters etc. but primarily was responsible for the technical and creative direction of the recordings, the audio and video editing and the DVD/BD authoring.

In addition to my work with media I am active in the voluntary fire department and the German Red Cross several hundred hours per year. I carry out several tasks in the voluntary fire department next to the core tasks of a firefighter, for example the design and maintenance of the website, the design of promotion material and the documentary of exercises and alarms. In the German Red Cross I assist my local Red Cross Association with medical assistance at local sport events. My social involvement is based on my belief in the strength of community and the importance of voluntary work for all areas of social life.

I try to keep up to date with scientific news, especially in physics and astronomy, as an alternative to creative work. I read a lot on the formation and development of the universe, because I am fascinated by how mathematics can describe nearly all the connections in our world. Everyone who ever saw the Millennium-simulation by Volker Springel et al., which simulates the development of the universe and is very close what is observed, cannot deny that math and physics are fantastic ways to describe the beauty of the world. In 2012 I did an internship at the Institute for theoretical Astrophysics at the University of Heidelberg. That gave me the unique opportunity to speak to researchers from all over the work and to attend a four days long lecture by Prof. Springel at the Heidelberg Graduate Days. In addition, the comprehension of logical processes in explanations helps me to structure my own plans and thoughts.

Thank you for your interest in my work, I hope you enjoy my images as much as I do.

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