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Click to check out my Instagram feed Prints, Licensing and Workshops on my Homepage Felix Inden is an internationally published award winning photographer. During his travels through the scandinavian wilderness, he´s always on the chase for unique angles and lightmoods. In this world of visual oversaturation, his goal is to let his images speak in their own language. His passion is to portray this world in a personal way, instead of only recreating the often seen! Published online and in print by numerous internatioal magazines like National Geographic, Nphoto, Digital SLR Photography, Practical Photography, Heise cT Digital Photography (both german and international edition), Digital Photographer, etc. pp. He also contributes to the big #followmeto project, webpage soon to be published. Felix guides phototours for www.iceland-photo-tours.com and www.lofotentours.com
  • Nikon D810
  • some glasses
  • Lucroit Filter Holder
  • Formatt Hitech Firecrest Filters
  • Clikelite bags

Winter Fairytale Lofoten 2013

Published March 27th, 2013

Since a long time i had the dream to see the landscape of the Lofoten islands in Norway in wintermood.

After getting mad seriously about it for 2 weeks i simply threw all coins i had in a pot (really financial harakiristyle) and booked a flight from Cologne, Germany too Bodö in Norway. From there i took a lil´plane to the islands and landed in Leknes.

The islands i knew from summer 2011 looked so tiny and gorgeously white from above- i felt like in heaven when landing.

As i had no more money left i planned this trip to be sleeping in the snow in my tent, so i went to Haukland beach with a cab and still was so happy to be there.

Until i realised i wouldn´t come very far with my snowgear, as the weak before i got there the rain had cleared most of the snow :)

I tried to arm my tent and realized, WTF the ground is frozen :D

Ok after it got dark and it started snowing i had my tent ready, went out for 2 stroll for some hours and began realizing i would be more hoping for luck with the ...

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