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Fernando Fabra C.

I have been Interested in photography since I was a child, when cameras were reserved for adults only, because they could be demaged in the hands of a child. But the forbidden attracts more. When I was in the university, my father, with great effort, gave me my first analog SLR, Minolta X-700, during these years many have passed through my hands: the Sony DSC-V1, Nikon D-80, and in 2011 I bought the Canon EOS-7D. With them I was able to experience the power of immortalizing unique moments thanks to that sixth sense I have: my camera. 500PX has allowed me to learn a lot, I have had the chance to meet different working styles and photographers from different cultures and countries. For me it is a great pleasure to enjoy their work, and to receive constructive criticism, which helps me to improve in this art that I love. Fernando Fabra. •"Mirar, fotografiar un paisaje bello es un poco como escuchar música o leer poesía, ayuda a vivir".
Marc Riboud • "Los aficionados se preocupan por el equipo, los profesionales se preocupan del dinero, los maestros se preocupan por la luz. Yo sólo hago fotografías". (Vernon Trent).•
"No pasa nada mientras estás sentado en casa. Siempre que puedo me gusta llevar una cámara conmigo a todos los lados… así puedo disparar a lo que me interesa en el momento preciso” – Elliott Erwitt.•
"¿Cuál de mis fotos es mi fotografía preferida? Una que voy a hacer mañana” – Imogen Cunningham •

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