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Flo Tucci

Flo Tucci



I define myself as a digital artist. I am a photographer and have been working on images through self-taught Adobe Photoshop for over 12 years. I studied Drawing and Painting ever since I was a little girl, discovering a world inside me that set the course for my life. Later on I took workshops on both Sculpture and Make-up. I am currently venturing into the world of FX. My style has to do with the Dark and the Fantastic, crowded with heroic characters and tales picturing something from inside myself. I am also atracted by comics and classic characters (the likes of Catwoman, Storm, etc.) so I also play with recreating my own versions. I am inclined towards montage and hyperrealistic manipulation, and frequently paint on compositions. I consider every result as a true work of art. I work on art for music bands, publishing productions, book covers, etc. for both Argentina and abroad. www.flotucci.com.ar
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