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Thomas Pipek

Thomas Pipek



My definition of a PHOTOGRAPHER IS A PERSON WHO CAN SEE WHAT OTHERS CAN'T SEE. I felt in love with photography many years ago, since then I have been trying to improve my skills almost on daily basis. I try to learn from online tutorials (kelbytraining - mainly ) and friend photographers. For me photography is a way to stop time. It's a way to capture a single memory or perhaps even a single feeling. The more I photograph, the more I want to find new places and objects to photograph.I used mainly a canon 6D and 24-105 mm. But now I am shooting with a Sony NEX-7 + Carl Zeiss 16-70 mm f/4.0. It's a perfect and light camera, once you try it you will love it. The lens is soooo sharp, amazing.
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