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Ирина Марьенко

Ирина Марьенко



+7 (916) 6575691 info@fotostomp.ru http://vk.com/club20058725 My name is Irina Maryenko. I live in Moscow. My main goal in photography - a reflection of the personality of my young heroes. Photographing children in a familiar, to them the situation (at home, on walks, at children's parties). This situation allows me to capture unique moments of your child's life. I, as a child and family photographer I think it is almost impossible to make a full photograph of the child or family in an environment alien to them. The process of shooting I was completely absorbed. I love catching moments. I rented a world where children play, grow, live - and now I really like it! In this world of a child is natural and genuine emotion gives us, sincere and joyful.
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